I need to learn how to be by myself. I realised I’m incredibly happy when i’m talking with people and even when I’m with them. But when I’m by myself, or with people who don’t show much interest in me, my mood goes down and I enter an incredibly sad state, almost like how I was a year ago…but I can’t let that happen again. I gotta learn to be independent , happy by myself and find the things that can keep me happy in those times.


I’ve been thinking about this all day, but I’ve made quite a lot of friends this year. They’re all close friends too! I never realised how close they were to me till one of them came up to me and said “I trust you as much if not even more than my best friend . After that, I was thinking about it for a while. I was just kind of amazed because, I spent my first semester completely sad with my mind focusing on one thing. Now I realise that, there were a lot more things I did in that time. I’ve made a few close friends and I’m glad I’ve got to know them all. Best part about it, I never forget about my close friends that I entered high-school with. Daniella, Jazz, Liam and Jason… they might not think that they’ve done much with me, but each of them have affected the way I am and have changed me for the better. They might not know it, but compare me to how I was last year and to how I am now. Your words, actions and even the way you treat me, all that got to make me who I am… couldn’t have asked for better friends than them. But we still got about 2 more years to go, so lets make the best of it!


It’s weird. Comparing myself from how I was last year. I’m not sad all the time like I used to be. Instead of thinking about what I want to do and get sad that I can’t do it, I now do what I want to achieve. Currently looking for a job, grades are rising and every time I think of the person who was special to me that hurt me, I think now and realise that I have a lot more to be happy about. My friends are around me, my best friend is always there to make me feel better even though I try not to tell her some of my problems just cause I don’t want her to worry about me. But, I’m liking my life as it is. Made a physical and mental change, all for the better. As for the girl, I know there will be one who will come into my life soon. I just gotta keep being productive and positive.

One person, can make all the difference in the world

And I will be that person and show the world

“The world isn’t just the way it is. It is how we understand it, no? And in understanding something, we bring something to it, no? Doesn’t that make life a story?”

― Yann MartelLife of Pi

"Things didn’t turn out the way they were suppose to, but what can you do? You must take life the way it comes at you and make the best of it"

- Life Of Pi (Page 101)

Weekly Blog 21/05/2012

Hey followers im back for another weekly blog. Its really late at night and i should start these blogs earlier on Sundays. If you wanna know I give highlights of my week on Sundays just for my blog. 

So this week lets say alot of things happened. First lets start with the Geo Trip to Niagra Falls. It was amazing seeing the falls and the Gorge but the only bad thing was you could pretty much only have lunch at the final stop which wsas not until 1:15. Pretty cool it was but there was this girl that kept gettin close to me when we were climbing down a hill to the gorge. I didnt mind it since she must have been freaked from falling until she start to pretty much hug me as we go down and hold my hand. What a day lmaooo. I felt bad for her though but she was fast going back up. She told me she was a rock climber so it made sense. :)

Next was the release of Diablo 3. It’s the nostalgia of my childhood coming back to me. Some years ago i played through the whole Diablo and Diablo 2 and it was a dam good game. For Diablo 3 to be released now in 2012, dam I cant wait to get it but I nee dot get  a summer job first cause I want to have money to use through the next school year and summer. But until then I will look forward into playing Diablo 3 with so far Vishaal only. 

I got assigned a report of the Eaton Center and Bloor Village Trip I had a while back. Basically use the data collected to prove the purpose and all this other stuff i wont go into detail. Its due on Thursday and Im not even done. In fact a map is in front of me but im typing out my blog cause im really bored. ;)

Then we had the Pacific Mall trip today which me Joe, Enrico, Brian and Aaron went onto. It was quite the place. Really crowded, small shops but there were a bunch of shops. So many different things too. Its a chinese shopping center though. Im being serious they were all asian in there with a bubble tea at every corner. It was fun we had a bunch of funny moments and alot of laughing and I got a new Headset so it worked out nicely :)

When we came back I bumped into Daniella and Katie. Since Joe and Enrico were already leaving, I decided to tag along with Daniella and Katie since they already came to get me. Plus it was awesome to chill with them outside of school. Now days everyone is busy with school work, has sports or some other plans so it was nice to be with them. We played sandman which was quite the time as Katie kept going on top of the Monkey Bars so we could’nt get her.  So pretty much me an Daniella were running around looking like idiots. LOL
Quite childish too playing sandman randomly but I have to admit it was worth the time :)

As for now Im in a skype call with Vishaal, Enrico and Joe and no one is doing anything cause im typing this out. ;)

Thats all that was going on this week. Well at least through what i remember. Hav an awesome long weekend or whats left of it. and hav a good Victoria’s Day followers! Have fun with ur next week.
Ill keep u updated next Sunday. ;)

Weekly Blog 13/05/2012

Im back. And yeah i knw I missed a week or 2 again of posting my weekly blog. But I have alot of school work lately n I have 3 major tests on Monday so Im still on that. But just cause I want to Im going to give u the highlights of what happened in the past while. 

Well I cant really remember much. Funny things have happened like Joe screaming ARE YOU BLESSED in the middle of McDonalds with a bunch of friends and then Liam losing his binder which had all his work for the whole semester but he found it in the end. LOOL
But anyways some of the major things would be i dunno. My mom’s birthday happened last week. We had a bunch of fun with the fam n family friends. All we really do during those parties are sit down witht eh TV on and talk. Although its fun because Scott usually has his life stories to tell us which are jokes.
Josh also left for Bahrain n is coming back some time in the summer. I want him to come bak for my birthday but who knows what will happen.

One major thing Ive realised is I think i finally might want to go out with someone. LOOL I knw it sounds funny but alot of my friends keep asking me why havnt I asked this girl out yet or some other girl n i always tell them the same thing tht I dont think i want one. Truth is I do but I dunno how to start of cause it will be my first time LOL.
Remember I might so who knows. Maybe if one of my friends has a talk abt it with me. ;)

Im legit looking across from this electricity study notes sheet tht needs to be done so I think i might do some before i sleep.
Mother’s Day is here so me and the fam are gonna eat steaks n good food. Cnat wait :)

Katharine and me have started talking again. Lol if I ask my friends from Gonzaga if they know Katharine they will have no idea. She’s an awesome girl on the other side of Mississauga. She might hav tumblr so Ill check tht out :)

Nothing major happened but just bunch of work I had to do.
I taught Daniella electricity today since we need to knw it for the test. Shes actually quite smart when it comes to it but she just loves putting it in her own way n understanding it like tht ;)
N the way a taught her was really funny. But then there she is with almost all her study notes done n then theres me with 3 notes. Yeah too good LOOL ;)

One of the main things on my mind though is the girl friend thing. Im really taking into consideration dating someone now.

Thats the gist of what happened from what i remember the past 2 weeks. I hope you guys have an awesome Mother’s Day and great week. Ill keep you updated followers on next week’s blog. Bye for now ;)

The Weekly Blog (04/29/2012)

Hey. Yeah i knw its been like 2 weeks since ive done a weekly blog. Ive been really busy n stressed lately with work and life. Anyways Ill tell you the highlights of it or at most wat i can remember :) Lets start with the Science test for Daniella. She went to NYC for the weekend n came bak on Monday n this happened 2 weeks ago. She had her test on Wednesday so I decided to help her out with the studying. We didnt even study we just worked on study notes LOL. But by the end she got to study n picked up a sense of understanding instead of memorising. She friggin got a better mark than me in the test. Im still beating ur mark tho Danie u gotta catch up ;) Shes actually so awesone n funny LOL. Then this week i got to meet Maria randomly. Yeah she texted me asking to meet her at Pizza Nova but we didnt get to hang out for long. Though i liked being there with her. I feel like a part of my past has survived with me :) Shes one of a kind n i really dont want to let her go. Then the geo trip. The highlight of this week. The partners on the trip i was with were Tiago, Gabby n Sabina. We had alot of work n running around at the Eaton Center. By the time we got to Bloor Village we had a bunch of fun n started talking to other people :) I made 2 new friends as well. Veronica n Laura. It was quite random too but pretty cool ;) Friday i sleptover at Rico’s with Joe n we made a bacon weave and candy bacon. It was sooo good but soo bad LOL. Then we just watched vids on youtube and gamed through the night. They’re brothers to me. :) I had one more important thing tht happened to me. I had a talk abt life with my dad. Yeah i wad qyite suprised because all this time i thought no one understood me n all that. Just the regular role i play hiding behind a mask waiting for the person to come ask me a question that would cause me to take off my mask. My dad happened to be the first person n im grateful for it. He understood me n i can tell i can trust him now. It was one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Thats how it went for the past 2 weeks. Or 3 weeks. Anyways thats how it was n Ill keep u updated with the next weekly blog. Thanks for reading and following. Good night n see ya next week ;)